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 At GCC, we pursue and live out gospel-centered community primarily through Life Groups. We understand that jumping into a small group setting is intimidating for many.  "What if it's awkward?" "What if the people in my group are weird?" "What if they think I'm weird?" These questions and many others like them are legitimate concerns, and it is for this reason we have implemented the Next Steps class.

 The Next Steps Class serves two primary purposes:

         1. To act as a bridge between our typical independent lifestyles and the more intimate small group setting that is seen in Life Groups. The next steps class is intended to ease us into sharing life with a small group of people. 

         2.  To connect you into a Life Group where you can find a place to live out gospel-centered community. Next Steps gives you the opportunity to meet others interested in becoming involved in Life Groups and to form a new group or jump into an existing group.

 Sign up

Please fill out the form to sign up for the upcoming Next Steps class:

Event Details
Saturdays 6:00PM-7:00PM
September 17 -> October 8
Belle Plaine Area Museum
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