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Harvest Hustle is an annual 5k run/walk with the goal of raising money for Christian-based organizations who look to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ through service to the community. The cost of the race is $25 and includes a t-shirt. While the goal of harvest hustle remains the same (with 100% of registration fees going to White Truck Ministries this year) we are sprucing things up (or down) a bit for 2019! 

  FOR THOSE OF US who don't leap for joy at the thought of running a full 5k.... you now can choose 2 different options!


Put together your dream-team, and choose to take down a 5k together! The rules for this race are simple - assemble a team of 4 people to run a total of 5k. The distances for each runner are as follows:

          Runner #1: 1/2 mile

          Runner #2: 1 mile

          Runner #3: 1 mile

          Runner #4: 1/2 mile + .1 mile

Have fun with it! Make up a name, wear matching uniforms, design a coat-of-arms....the options are endless!


If the tag-team option seems a bit too.....spirited, have no fear! Option #2 is just like a 5k, with a shift in the decimal point.  This not-so competitive 0.5k replaces stopwatches, sweatbands, and mile markers with coffee stops,  donut breaks, and yard markers! Enjoy the event at your own pace, as you leisurely make your way through the not-so grueling 500 meter course. Come out and participate in the Harvest Hustle without so much hustle! 

Option 3: STRAIGHT-UP 5K

The good 'ol 5k....3.1 miles of one foot in front of the other!

You can sign up for the event by filling out a registration form below, or you can print off registration forms by clicking  here.  If you choose to print the registration form, please bring it with you to the event, or drop them off anytime at Belle Plaine Chiropractic, Drahos Shoe Store, or Cornerstone Apothecary. Details of the event are listed below.

When: Sunday, September 22nd

Time: 1:00 pm

Where: City Parking Lot, Belle Plaine (corner of 11th St. and 8th Avenue)

Cost: $25/person (T-shirt included!)