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Digging Deeper

The Transforming Power of the Gospel, aka “Digging Deeper”, is held the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month at 5:00 pm, and is done in place of the "regular" church service for those weeks.  At GCC we believe in the importance of teaching in a large group setting, but we also strongly believe life transformation happens most frequently and effectively in small groups. Put another way, we believe life transformation takes place primarily while people sit in circles, not in rows. For this reason we have decided to make small group discussion a part of our normal church schedule.


Digging Deeper is a time where we look more intensely into the sermon preached the previous week as well as learn and discuss how to apply Scripture to our lives. This is done by breaking into small groups after an elder has recapped and added to the sermon preached the previous week. During this time we also build relationships with others at GCC and are more able to effectively pray for, care for, and minister to one another.

So please do not think of digging deeper as unimportant or a week to skip church-we believe this format is beneficial to each individual as well as the church body as a whole as we strive to become more like Jesus Christ.


As always, childcare is provided, so please join us!



Application Questions


Application Questions


Application Questions



Application Questions


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